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Fullerton, ca


This is located in the heavily forest area. Surrounded by tall pine trees.


Contact City request tree trimming. 

Could cut down by 6 feet to provide clearance for solar collection. Also, could be free from tree remainings such as leafs and pine stains.


It will produce 10,000 kwh per year to cover existing usage. 

Studio City

System Size: 11.4 KW

* Installed with LG Systems 

* ESS - LG Chem - an energy storage system

West Covina

Spanish Tile Roof is hard to work on it due to fragile roofing materials. Special tools and ideas are needed. It was successfully installed and operate at the maximum product.

* System Size: 9.4 KW

* Inverter: Enphase IQ7

* ESS: Tesla

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